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Friday, December 31, 2010


           If this post makes no sense at all and if the sentences are run on and nonsense and repeat themselves and run on and don't make sense...it is because I am up at 11:41 PM.  I am a party pooper.  I do not like to party late, nor do I like New Year's Eve Parties. 

          The reason I am up so late, is strictly because others like to party on New Years.  This includes my bedroom.  This would not be a problem, could I sleep anywhere in any setting.  However, I do not sleep unless there is complete darkness and complete silence.  Now, this has it's rules and exceptions to the rules.  I sleep through downpours, I sleep through Gulf Coast Thunderstorms and Super cells, I slept through Hurricane Ivan, (I was on the front porch during Hurricane Katrina) I sleep through firecracker explosions, I sleep through the fire department arriving at my dad's call because someone stole a vehicle and burned it on the road in front of our house.  I sleep through alot. 

          I do not sleep through someone staying up late on the computer in the other room.  I do not sleep through two people talking in the other room.  I do not sleep through running TV's, radios, night lights, or the neighbors' bonfire parties at midnight.  I do not sleep through someone reading a book in the next room. 

           This is how the start of every New Year begins for me.  With bags under my eyes, fog brain, appetite loss, grumpiness, and slurred speech I crawl into bed whenever the other's decide they're heard the last firecracker and played their last card or board came...when they themselves are too tired to laugh.  I crawl into bed...and...it's now 11:52 PM....my fingers are becoming about as sluggish...as my brain here....

           It's doubtful you've read this post in the year 2010.  In just a few minutes the world...in it's successive time zones will welcome in the year 2011.  New years do not excite me because they are new years with new numbers to represent them.  I celebrate the New Year as being a few months closer to spring and summer...my favorite months.  I celebrate it because I am so happy to have another year to spend with the people I love.  And I definately celebrate the fact that all the hooplah is finally over so that I can get my sleep. 

          It is now 11:57 PM.  Happy New Years.  I'm going to bed and when it's 12:01 AM January 1st, 2011, you just get your noise over with and crawl under the covers.  I'll do my celebrating at 6:30 AM January 1st, 2011 like all normal people.  Goodmorning dear readers.  Goodmorning 2011. 


Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy New Year! I hope you get some rest tonight..I am used to lots of noise in the house as my TV is on all night..just in case I wake up to watch! I suppose you have tried ear plugs and one of those fashionable dark masks for sleeping.
I wish you the best in 2011..thanks always for the comments on my Forgotten Old Photo Blog..I always appreciate them:)

emily said...

Wow, if normal people get up at 6:30 on new year's day and still got a decent night's sleep...I must be abnormal. hahah. I didn't go to sleep till 3 or 3:30... and slept till noon. I usually don't fall asleep til 12:30 or 1 and I am usually up at 8 or 8:30. So I take it you wouldn't like a late-shift waitressing job? :-P It is so frustrating sometimes when you are just about to lock the door at 10:00 and then a big family comes in and want to eat a full course meal at that insanely late time. lol. Happy new year! and tell your family hi for me.

Laurisa said...

no...I dont do late hours. I'd probably growl at them to eat a bananna and go to bed like other normal people! Lol! I should try a fashionable mask...but I think its the knowing that there is activity...cause I could sleep through a bomb.