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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

US Army in Color

                Using some oil pencils I invested in recently, I was able to begin coloring it.  The camo uniform still needs some work but otherwise the colors aren't too bold and distracting.  The skin tone of the two is very good in my opinion and perhaps I will work on darkening little boy's skin. 

                Considering that I didn't really have the colors I needed and had to mix and shade to achieve the desired effect, I'd say the coloring is pretty good.  With a little more work and a finishing seal, it will be posted for sale on one of my pages.  I'm still considering scribing something at the bottom.
          Mother says people aren't my thing and that I should stick to animals. She may be right but I'll keep trying here and there.  At least my people don't look like primates any longer.


RLT Art said...

This is brilliant!
I love how the colour is really subtle and I think your people are incredible :)

Laurisa said...

Thank you for your kind comments. My sisters dont share your view on my people but I'll keep trying. Oil colors make wonderful sublte marks on the wood. I love them.