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Monday, October 29, 2012

And the Smoke Clears

So I entered my work in the Mobile Country Greater Gulf State Fair for the first time, and Saturday took the morning to go to the fairgrounds and enjoy the bird show until they opened up for 4H exhibit.  I gathered some interesting photos along the way I thought I would share.

Check out this skinny dude.  The Cochins, Dutch Games, and Bantams made up the majority of the bird show, and seem to be more popular among hobbyists.  They are adorable and fiesty, but far too impractical for me.  

I took some reference photos at the heifer show.  I love the natural beauty of a cow.  

This set-up was for contestants to pose in front of with their animal and have their picture taken.  

Calves for auction.  The black calf kept running and hiding behind his friend whenever I came up to take a picture. 

And then, when the 4H exhibits finally opened up at noon with the rides, I meandered in and was completely surprised to find my work on display, with three ribbons attached.  Wow-zer! 

 At the other end of the exhibit were more unique pieces of art.  I took pictures of my favorites.
This wicker peak cock for example...

Sure it won first because it was the ONLY wicker creation, but I think it deserved 1st even with competition.  This was cool.

Somebody local carves some amazing walking sticks as well.

And canning...

And the pumpkins (oops, spelled Pimpkins there... haha, that gives me an idea for next year's pumpkin...I might actually enter one.)  So really, the turkey  got second, and the pig got second, the but the Angry bird deserved as much as the pig. See, those judges stuck up for the pigs.

Now that is a PIMP-kin.  ANGRY BIRDS!!

I thought this was totally ingenuitive though.  Definitely deserved 1st.

A favorite photograph that well deserved the ribbon.  I have actually seen this homeless man in my area so the picture strikes home even harder.

And there I am.  Shocked, but proud too.  I am eager to do it again next year.  Entering was easy, but next year I am going to try for the fine arts exhibit.  Competition will be tough, but the prizes are better too.  

Thanks for checking in with me.  I am beginning an eagle commission this week so follow along on FB for quick updates.  Feel free to write or comment,

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hannah arnette said...

So cool! Happy all three of your pictures won a ribbon. I have to say I really like that first place piece, the one of the cowboy praying, I like all of them though, they're really good :) Sad about that homeless man too, I hope that picture will cause someone to help the homeless man out somehow.