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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Commissions Lined Up

I have commissions lined up and one has a special deadline.  May I introduce the Harney Peak Eagles- being burned in time for March 21st for a special anniversary.  
 This gorgeous piece is of two eagles - talons locked, sailing above the granite needles of Harney Peak in South Dakota, the home of Mt. Rushmore.

I debated weather or not to put the historic fire tower in this picture, but the granite needles seemed a much more dramatic effect than the layout the rocks around the tower presented.  There was too much depth and scope to be captured, a lot of foreground and a sea of background.

The sharp needles however...seem to do this picture wonders and I am very excited to be burning it.
After this one I have a horse commission and then if nothing else shows up at my steps, I'll go back to the cowboy portrait and a nifty little piece of leather I have planned out to burn.

I am eager to try out leather burning!!

Am hoping to turn out some cartoon portraits soon, but my sense of humor isn't...well... I've never been able to put it on paper, pen it, or re-create it in any fashion.  It just comes out, makes the room laugh...and then it's gone.  sighs, oh well.

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