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Friday, November 5, 2010

My Tribute

            I have been commissioned by a close friend to burn a poem she wrote on a piece of cherry.  Because the poem has not been copyrighted you will only see updates of the surrounding artwork.  I am excited about this piece because of the message in the artwork itself, not just the words.  The poem- was her artwork.  The burning- mine.  Unfortunately, until her poem is copyrighted, I will not be able to display it on my blog. 
           I am totally amazed at how easily the cherry wood burns. It has amazing qualities and color potential. 

           This post is titled, "My Tribute" because I want to commend a group that is often despised, little recognized, ignored...and honestly wished to be kept out of most people's lives.  I just got my driver's license...I should know.  You're driving down the road at a sane speed and this maniac passes you at about twenty miles faster than you're going- and by the way, you're likely already pushing the speed limit.  And you think, "Man, where are the cops when you need them?" 
            We all know that this analogy represents two kinds of drivers.  There are only two kinds of drivers in the world- believe me.  Every driver fits into one of these two categories.  There are idiots and maniacs- and yes, you fall into one of these two categories no matter how good a driver you are.  The idiots are the drivers travelling slower than you are, and the maniacs are the drivers travelling faster than you. 

           Even as law abiding drivers we all have a tendency to feel uncomfortable when officers are on the road.  You never know when they're in the mood to do a random stop or maybe you aren't really sure if your brake lights are working.  Maybe your the type of person who checked his brake lights before he left but knows that they could have stopped working sometime after the officer pulled out behind you. 

            A day doesn't go by that you don't hear or see something negative about a police officer.  I was sitting in the orthodontic surgeon's office the day of my wisdom teeth surgery and watch on the newscast, a guy getting the stuffing beat out of him in the middle of an intersection by a policeman.  It made oral surgery look pleasant. 

           Considering these sort of facts by themselves gives us the impression that every time you see a police officer he'll be tazing someone...or roughing them up.  But until you've had one come to your rescue you wont know just how friendly they are. 
             Several of them admitted to me that they are extremely bias.  And who wouldn't be after having to haul off bodies and having just hauled off the body of a two year old child the previous week.  They see victims and it makes them bitter.  They have a hatred for crime.  They don't have anything against other humans.  But they'd rather have to hurt the criminal than stand by and see an innocent hurt. 

             A term I often see on U-tube and hear abroad is the phrase, "Dumb Cop".  I read a quote once that went:  "If you hear a man grumbling, 'dumb animal' it is likely because the animal out-foxed him."  And I believe that this is true concerning policemen.  Naturally we'll find the video of a policeman having a bad day and putting his car in reverse when he wanted to put it in drive or tripping up or fumbling. 

            It happens to the best of us. 

            Policemen are humans, people with homes and families.  They're shot at, killed, targeted, and hated simply because they are a tool of the law.  You may have ran into a mean one.  I may soon run into a mean one.  But as I found out November 2nd at 1:30 in the morning, they risked getting shot at by a lunatic 17 year old to protect me and my family.  They did it because we were in need.  They came quickly, they were polite, professional, and frankly they treated that kid pretty nice.  They didn't beat the stuffing out of him at all for terrorizing an innocent man and his family in the middle of the morning.    I know that it's often that they are minding their own business when a criminal takes it upon himself to punish them for upholding the law.  Officers are quietly filing their paperwork when a criminal shoots at them or destroys their property.

             I commend Sam Cochran for his service to the people of Mobile County, and I commend all the officers who make up the local police force.  Although I couldn't quite see their name tags on their uniforms, their faces will all remain very familiar, and you can be sure they are considered friends. 

             It was amazing to see them in action.  Their efficiency, skill, and training is utterly amazing.  We're always thinking to thank our military heroes for fighting overseas...but do we think a moment about thanking the military that protects us in our neighborhoods and towns? 


Anonymous said...

Any piece of writing is consider copyrighted by the person who first wrote it. She writes it down, and it is copyrighted to her, and people can not copy it without her permission.. Here is a summing up from a website.

"The scope of the law is broad. It generally protects any expression recorded in any tangible form, published or unpublished, in any medium, with some exceptions noted below. The protection is automatic. A copyright notice is not necessary, but its presence is an emphatic assurance that the author intends the work to be fully protected. Unpublished works are copyrighted as well, regardless of the date of their creation. "

Laurisa said...

Thank you for your comment. I was not aware of this even though I've tried to research it.