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Monday, October 4, 2010

"Taking First"

          I've never been a big fan of Derbies or the horse racing business as they call it for the straight fact that young horses are raced too early all for the love of money and then retired or put down when their bones break from overstress.  I feel that Barbaro is a perfect example of this.  Most horse owners know that a horse's bones do not mature fully until 8 years of age...and most race horses are retired or put down before they reach that age because of injuries to their still maturing bodies.  Greed and Money is the root of the horse racing 'buisness' as men call it. 
           But...a running horse catches the attention of any human and after many laborious hours, I have created my latest masterpiece.  I call it "Taking First" simply because it is obvious that one of the horses is overtaking the others. He and the jockey have indeed taken first, perhaps, if you wish to interpret it this way, just strides before the finish line.  The piece is very dramatic to me and I have tried my best to capture this in the the muscles and shading of the horses, to the clothing and faces of the jockeys, and the very eyes of the horses as well. 

This is the first time EVER that I have drawn race horses, or even burned horses or people.  The art is One-of-A-Kind and is not currently for sale, although I may soon find a place other than this blog to advertise it. 

 For all of you lovely horse people out there who have been blessed with horses, I present to you my latest and finest.  Your interpretation of this piece is what matters.  Whether it appears to be Seabiscuit and War Admiral, or Barbaro, Smarty Jones, or Cigar, these horses will be your favorites.  With a little time I may present you with horses of all disciplines and backgrounds, or perhaps, some equine Mona Lisa that has a little mystery behind her inspiration.  Woodburning is such an awesome form of expression!

And here's one of my favorite horse racing videos: the World's funniest, stupidest, and yet the best, horse race announcer.  We're all getting there...getting there fast, and some of us, not getting there quite as fast. 

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