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Monday, October 11, 2010

Revelation 10:7

            My next project, I hope to be of God's prophet, Brother William Branham.  Today I have just begun to make plans for my newest piece of wood.  It's the perfect shape for a portrait and a scripture.  I don't know how well it will turn out, shading and people in general being much more difficult.  I have never attempted to burn portraits of people, and I highly doubt it will be exteremly successful with my $25 iron; but I shall give it a whirl and like alot of other projects, I may be surprised. 
           On the side of that, I'm very excited to announce that my Uncle Josh has shot a bobcat and I will get to skin and tan it for him.  I didn't feel confident enough to mount it for him, as I've only worked with one squirrel and such forms cost alot of money, but he should be pleased with an open mouth rug shell.  Bobcat pelts make pleasing trophies anyway you use them.  It would also make a nice wedding present.  Congragulations Josh and Hannah! 

"If You Only Appreciate The Live Animals, And Don't Appreciate The Dead Animals, Then You Are Missing Half Of The True Fundamentals And Nature Of Life" ~Takeshi Yamada - Rogue Taxidermist


jillbushnell24 said...

Hi Laurisa, I just viewed your work, it is truly beautiful. The mother deer licking her baby is really sweet. I wasn't sure I was on the right blog, I couldn't imagine Laurisa skinning a cat, that threw me off till I scrolled on down
Love and God Bless, Sis. Jill bushnell

Laurisa said...

Thanks for commenting! Yes, I do have a few unseeming hobbies like taxidermy. But of course, I hate to see all those beautiful skins God covered his creatures with go to waste when they die. I feel like a part of them lives on. So glad you like my blog!