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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cherry Wood

             Today I went shopping and I just love those discount stores because you never know what you can find.  Wherever I go I find myself subconsciously looking for suitable wood pieces, furniture, household decorations, or practical items.  How blessed I was to come across this unique wooden plate. 
            It was buried in a bunch of Malaysian native wood and bamboo cutting boards and all were pretty high priced for a discount store.  Nonetheless this was a great find and I can't wait for the inspiration to come. 

It would also make a beautiful custom piece for one lucky individual. 

I cannot tell exactly what wood it is but it is very hard, like oak.  It may even be a foreign wood. 
              Then I went down the road a ways and purchased two beautiful Cherry pieces.  I've always been attracted to Cherry.  Although it is not very visible in the picture, these two pieces posses a gorgeous red hue.  I cannot wait to see how well they burn. 
                Both pictures are horizontal. 
If I'm ever lucky I'll get my hands on some cedar!!


emily said...

I think the plate would be cute if you made it into one of your chef plaques. Or if not this particular one, the wooden plate idea would fit well in a kitchen, if you ever find them in bulk or something.
I see a city skyline when I look at the rectangular piece....but I'm obsessed with them and so I would probably see that in any piece. haha. I really don't think that would look good on wood unless it was a silhouette but I would have to see it to decide.
Not sure about the last piece...what do you see when you look at it?

Laurisa said...

Wooden plates make wonderful kitchen decor and that is how I intend to use it. This is definately a one of a kind and I doubt I'll ever find them in bulk. Most all the wood I find I scrounge from the dark recesses of floor level shelves. City skylines, whether sillhouettes or not are great on wood. The last piece has already been commissioned by a friend for her poem. -But I can easily get more of those. When I look at a piece of wood I see at least six different options. But it takes inspiration to make the final decision.