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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tortise Shell- Finally Got Around To It

             The Tortise shell that has been lying on my desk for many months now is now in the spotlight.  I decided to apply some gold leaf to the underside of the removable parts of the shell and when they are laid back over the bone they reflect very nicely.  I only wish I had more of them to put on the shell, however, since I do not I will come up with some other way to decorate the bone. 

            When it is finished, sealed, and glossed, it should make a gorgeous table piece that I will not likely want to let go of for some time!  As with all my work, I love to admire it for a time before I have the heart to offer it for sale! 

           While lack of time has prevented me from posting pictures as regularly as I had in times past, I have been flying through projects lately.  If you visit my facebook page you will notice Fishscale guitar picks for sale and several new Etsy editions! 

           The Etsy widget on my blog hasn't been working and I'm not sure why but I hope in the near future to have it running again on the sidebar.  Thanks for coming!  Check back soon.  I hope to keep pictures coming on the blog as well. 

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